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Brique Ecologique

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Earth and Environmental Sciences


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Chery, Anne Marie Krishna (School: College Methodiste des Freres)
Monde, Maranatha (School: College Methodiste des Freres)

_ Bricks_ _ ecological: The effects of recycled plastic in constructing brick. Plastic plays a big factor in environmental degradation and causes major earth and ocean pollutions, in which putting humans and animals lives in danger globally. It is important to recycle the large amount of plastics consumed to prevent this probleme from becoming a much bigger for humanity. The objective is to protect the planet, the ozone layer, the environment, and the health of the citizens of the world. The purpose of the research was to use finely ground recycled plastic in brick and concrete construction. The control brick was built using traditional procedure composes of the mixture sand, cement, water and a mold. To further the study, additional bricks were built using similar mixture as the control in reducing the amount of materials used in the control and replaced with finely ground recycled materials. The amount of finely ground plastic in each additional brick were as follows: 0, 0.05 oz and 0.82 liter. In comparison to each brick built, resistance of each brick was tested using similar force. As the result, the brick with larger amount of recycled materials in the mixture was more resistant. Therefore, finding a way to add plastic in construction could potentially reduced plastic waste and prevent humanity from polution.