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Brave the Crave

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Behavioral and Social Sciences


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Lakhmani, Aria (School: Mission San Jose High School)
Lakhmani, Suyash (School: Irvington High School)

Current programs for teen vaping cessation focus primarily on educating teens about negative health impacts; however, the U.S. Surgeon General reported that such programs have not proven to be effective in reducing the teen vaping epidemic. The objective of this research is to determine whether an app, based on cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, can be used as an effective quit tool for teens who are aware of the negative health impacts of vaping. To test the efficacy of the app, seventy teens struggling with e-cigarette addiction were selected to either use the app or be in a control group. Analysis was conducted on data collected including the number of times participants craved e-cigarettes and number of times participants resisted their craving or gave in. Amongst those who used the app, 62% showed 50% or more increased resistance to their cravings, and on average, there was a 48% increased resistance to their cravings. Results also demonstrated a strong positive correlation (r=0.9064) between the number of days vape-free and the number of times participants used healthy alternate activities in the app. Additionally, results showed a significant increase in understanding of vape triggers after using the app. A two-sample t-test showed that the average percentage of times participants resisted the urge to vape was significantly higher among those who used the app versus the control group. The results demonstrate the efficacy of the app as a quit tool, making it a viable resource to prevent the next generation of nicotine addicts.