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Plants and Magnets

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Plant Sciences


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Du, Shouyu (School: Agape Christian School)

The primary goal of the experiment is to determine whether magnets will enhance plant growth and boost productivity. Similar experiments had been done. However, for most of the projects, researchers neglect to consider the polarity of the magnets as a control factor. The early experiments shows magnets help plants to grew significantly. The whole experiment is divided into four different parts, and each experiment consists of 3 groups: a control group, a group affected by the south pole of magnets, and a group affected by the north pole of the magnets. Each group will contain 8 Cherry Belle radish seeds, 4 circle size strong permanent magnets will be used for each experiment group. The experiment is divide into 4 different parts: 1.Germination under the influence of magnets; 2.Seed growth under the influence of magnets, from germination until maturity; 3. seeds placed on magnets for a week before planting, from germination until maturity; 4. The effect on plant growth when using water that has been “magnetized.” For the sake of identification, magnets’ south pole sides were colored with red; and the north pole side, blue. The result turn out that magnet’s south pole help seeds to germinate earlier and faster at experiment part 1. Magnet’s south pole also increase plants productivity in part 2 and 3 of the experiment. However, for part 4 of the experiments, strong observation and evidence show radishes watered with water been magnetized by north pole magnet reacted the best.