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Production and Fabrication of the Depth of Hypocenter Visualization Devices Using Geometric Principles

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Earth and Environmental Sciences


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Jeho, Koo (School: Incheon Jinsan Science High School)

As a first study, three-dimensional visualization device development and utilization were studied. The second study is the location investigation of the epicenter hypocenter applying the principle of geometry, and the theory was proved by mathematical principle by using geogebras. A third study was conducted on the development and utilization of visualization devices for controlling distal variation. Movement of the bars at each observatory allows control of the epicenter, which in many cases can be found. In addition, you can intuitively see the depth of the epicenter and the epicenter by marking the marks on the bars. When the seismic distance of the two observatory is fixed and the seismic distance of one station changes, the position of the epicenter changes, thereby changing the position of the epicenter. This study allows three-dimensional structure of the depth of the epicenter and intuitively confirms that the position of the epicenter and the epicenter changes when the seismic distance of the observatory has changed.