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TaipaEstock: Grain Storage Using Taipa of Hand

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Materials Science


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Neideck, Gustavo (School: Instituto Federal de Educação Ciência e Tecnologia Catarinense - Campus Rio do Sul)

One of the problems faced by farmers is the devaluation of their products in the post-harvest period. Bioconstructions for storing agricultural products are sustainable and cheap alternatives. The taipa of hand system uses only bamboo and clay. Clay has the potential to absorb moisture and reduce the temperature inside the building, which can reduce the development of microorganisms that can lead to product deterioration. One prototype was built by the taipa of hand system and another using aluminum. Temperature and moisture measurements inside the prototypes were monitored. Both temperature and moisture of the interior of the taipa of hand prototype were lower than the metallic prototype. This led to less moisture absorption by the grains kept inside it, higher seeds germination than the aluminum prototype and less fungal growth. We conclude that the taipa of hand system is efficient for grain storage, besides being cheap. Keywords: family farming, grain storage, taipa of hand.