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The Real Green Energy Enable of the Big Four Agenda in Kenya

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Energy: Sustainable Materials and Design


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Mutai, Shylah (School: Machakos Girls High School)
Felix, Cindy (School: Machakos Girls High School)

The main aim of this project is to develop green power that will be a key enabler in the movement of goods on the increased infrastructure and manufacturing units. I am using energy boosters such as hydrogen peroxide to realize supply sustainable and ecofriendly energy. I intend to play a key role in the realization of cheap and ecofriendly energy that tat can make the big four agenda a reality. The big four involves infrastructural development, basic health and emergencies in health provision, manufacturing food security and climate change. This experiment was structured first to investigate heat produced by boosted ethanol biofuel and later use of the synthesized biofuel in an internal combustion engine. In step 1 I am adding a hydrogen peroxide to Ethanol in order to increase its heat of combustion. The mixtures were burned in different compositions, to therefore determine the ideal compositions, which were found to be 70%-30% and 60%-40% ethanol to hydrogen peroxide. These were then burned with Jatropha oil to determine if it would increase the overall energy of Ethanol. .Temperatures from both parts of the experiment were recorded and compared in a chart, observations were recorded, and conclusions were made. Using the change in temperature, specific heat capacity, and mass of each of the water samples over the ethanol mixtures, the heat was found to be 4.187 kJ/kgK, and the mass of each water sample was 50g. This heat is nearly equal to that of same volume of gasohol. In step two we placed an equal volume of the boosted green energy fuel and gasohol as a control experiment in a 1piston engine fitted with a conveyor load to access thee efficiency.