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Using the Double Slit Quantum Phenomena to Prove the Accuracy of Schrodinger's Equation

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Physics and Astronomy


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Adamson, Dominic (School: Hawthorn Academy)
Christensen, Andrew (School: Hawthorn Academy)

The basic facts and equations of physics are impossible to prove using a direct method; they can only be proven by showing that in a wide range of scenarios they are correct. One such equation that suffers from this state of being impossible to prove is the Schrodinger Equation. Therefore, a method must be devised to show that this equation is always correct even under the most complex circumstances. The circumstance we used here is a recreation of the Double Slit experiment as first performed by Thomas Young. Using this it is now possible to show that the underlying laws of physics are indeed accurate. This is done by taking data about the physical properties of the particles that are being used. Once data has been collected, the natural outcome can be compared to the model resulting from what the current model of physics would say. The results that were found in this study show that even for the most complex of cases, Schrodinger's Equation is completely accurate to the real-world outcome.