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Stroll to Tinian

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Engineering Mechanics


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Lee, Iris (School: Saipan Southern High School)

Is it possible to build a bridge to connect Saipan and Tinian? I have always wondered, therefore, chose to create a model to connect the two islands. Saipan and Tinian are two islands of the CNMI that are separated by the ocean. Sam has also told me that building a bridge between the two islands will cause great environmental impact., such as pollution, interruption on shipping, degradation of water quality, and damage on coral reefs. With all those circumstances, I had to find the bridge that will have the least environmental impact. The bridge I chose is suspension bridge. To connect the two islands, I have worked with AutoCAD to build a 3D model of the bridge. Then my plan was to finish the bridge and test it out with the computational fluid dynamics, which is a program that can test out if the model is feasible. Despite the fact that I was not able to get a complete model, building a bridge from Saipan to Tinian is possible. However, the problem is not really the feasibility, but the cost. Therefore, finding where to get the funds and how to make up those funds will be the main concern for this project.