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Natural Air Filters

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Earth and Environmental Sciences


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Alkandari, Dana (School: Qurtoba High School)

Many different kinds of diseases are spreading around the world for example asthma and nose allergies. According to my research, I used 4 samples ( Sponge filter, Palm leaf, Palm fronds, Sack of cloth) for purifying the air from components ( PM10, PM2.5, VOC, HCHO) which causes asthma and allergy. The results shows how efficient both of Palm fronds(B), Palm leaf(C), that they have the ability of blocking more than 75% of Voltile Organic Compounds (VOC), and 24% of Formaldehyde (HCHO), and Particle matter the size of (2.5 – 10 in diameter). While the air speed decreased between 4-4.5 Knot, then the airspeed decreased less than 2 Knots when the Sponge filter and Clothsack were used.

Awards Won:
National Center Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine: UN Sustainable Development Goal Award $ 500.00