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DRAWIT: Predicting Children Physiological State, Behavioral Tendencies and Personality Characteristics Using Guided Drawing

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Behavioral and Social Sciences


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Almubiden, Dania (School: Al Ridwan Schools)

In light of the increasing growth of depression, anxiety and behavioral disorders among children between (6-11) years old, which demonstrate the importance of understanding children psychology early in their lives. In this research, an effort has been made to outline a new method of personality analysis based on the interpretation of the shapes of the human figure. These shapes are given in a guided drawing form where the children reveal important aspects of their personality including personality characteristics, psychological state, and tendencies. This year the study has been expanded to cover a larger and more diverse test sample, the sample has grown from 77 last year to 435 this year including a special study that has been made on the children of the Zaatari refugee camp. On the other hand, the validity of the invented analysis methodology has been rigorously tested by developing matching criteria scale which confirmed that children do express their feelings through Drawit guided drawing instrument. Lastly to scale the implementation of our analysis a mobile application has been developed to automate the process of analyzing the child personality.

Awards Won:
American Psychological Association: Certificate of Honorable Mention