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Welcome to "Sistance": A New Form of Base Communication for Deaf-Blind Children

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Engineering Mechanics


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Hunt, Mackenzie (School: New Tech Institute)

Children with vocal, visual, or auditory deficits are constantly faced with communication barriers. They can show signs of frustration and aggression because of their limited connection to the world, thus, further impairing their ability to learn. Because of these restrictions, fundamental learning concepts can take a longer time to develop. Information was collected from three primary sources that could potentially utilize the developed technology. Following the engineering design procedures and restrictions based on wants, needs, and general availability, a system was designed. It not only stimulates three senses in relation to standard communication, and cause/ effect learning, but is easily accessible, inexpensive, and pocket sized. Information was then collected from the primary sources regarding their opinion on the final product in comparison to other devices on the market. This app was designed to meet the need of both the children and their families, as well as, a simple, attachable guide which created improved tactile discrimination of the system for those with minimal dexterity. This combination of features allow an opportunity for the child to take advantage of technology and learning in their functional environment.

Awards Won:
Fourth Award of $500
International Council on Systems Engineering - INCOSE: Certificate of Honorable Mention