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Materials Science


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Alhajeri, Reem (School: Al Mawaheb School)
Alhosani, Dhabia (School: Al Mawaheb School)
Almarzooqi, Aamena (School: Al Mawaheb School)

Today, around the globe thousands of people strive for basic life necessities. One of their main needs is a shelter, as they have been displaced by armed conflicts, and natural disasters. Although these individuals are supported by various organizations and campaigns, we certainly believe that the sheltering provided is not the best. Refugees are settled in camps, where they are exposed to polluted air, and environment, as well as extremely harsh weather conditions that could lead to serious health problems. Through Refushields we aim to provide them with an easily constructed tent one that has the characteristics that aid in protecting them from the unhealthy surrounding environment, and helps them cope with the unpredictable weather conditions. Refushields is a cost-effective and long lasting tent, that keeps individuals warm in winter, and cool in summer, while also decreasing decreases the level of air pollutants inside the interior, thus improving overall life standards of refugees.

Awards Won:
National Center Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine: UN Sustainable Development Goal Award $1500.00